Zoe Morgan

Zoe Morgan


The history of Zoe & Morgan is a story of design and of family. From a childhood spent travelling the globe with their parents, many exotic cultures made a lasting impression, particularly their emigration to New Zealand from England by sea. Taking in the foreign lands of Panama, Jamaica, and Tahiti along the way gave the three Sibbald children an appreciation of old world charm, adventure and style.

Watching their father make jewellery in his own workshop ingrained in them from an early age an appreciation of the craft, the process; watching the primordial materials transform to become precious, coveted items of beauty and sentiment.

With this upbringing it was no surprise the three siblings were drawn to the creative and atypical. Zoe worked in millenary, Morgan forged pathways through music, Ruth plied her trade in the modelling industry.

After a fateful trip to India, Morgan returned from his travels as his late father so often did; with an appreciation for another culture and a pocketful of precious gems. Sharing his finds with Zoe, this reawakened a shared love of the process they witnessed so often as children. Before long the two were collaborating on the first pieces that would lead to the formation of Zoe & Morgan.

Officially launching in 2006, the first collection was instantly hailed as a critical success.

The following year the men's line d├ębuted filling a sizeable gap in the market for stylish, yet masculine design.

In 2008 the Fine collection marked a natural evolution in Zoe & Morgan, taking the brand to new heights with the focus on elegantly crafted pieces designed to be both wearable and timeless. This is reflected in their wedding range and bespoke service, creating unique pieces to be treasured forever

Since then, Zoe & Morgan has become the choice of the style-aware, the individual minded, of those with an appreciation for the unique and the extraordinary.

Zoe & Morgan is jewellery made for now, designed to last.