Vivien Sheriff

Vivien Sheriff

From the heart of the English Countryside, Vivien Sheriff ® are delighted to present their Hats and Headpieces.

The ever-changing landscape, wildlife and natural breath-taking beauty that surrounds the Studio, provides infinite inspiration season by season for the dedicated team of the finest designers and makers. Mindful of the beauty of their surroundings, the company has consistently striven to source materials responsibly and ethically whilst operating with minimal impact on the environment. Working by hand with fine quality natural materials is a sustainable model for this high-end British manufacturer.

The brand has grown over the years and in the process, has developed its own extremely distinctive style. This iconic and instantly recognisable signature is in turn stamped on each stunning and unique creation.

Vivien Sheriff ® embodies English heritage and traditional millinery practice, but has always encouraged a very much modern design ethos. This fusion culminates in a look that has become synonymous with the multi-award winning market leaders.

Now with the brand at the forefront of British headwear design and becoming increasingly well-established within the international arena, the company sells to an exclusive list of luxury outlets including some of the most prestigious and glamorous stores around the world, whilst continuing to deliver truly unique designs to a devoted private customer base.

Like the carefully crafted pieces of art they are, a prestigious Vivien Sheriff ® piece will be treasured and cherished long after its debut