Sunita Mukhi

Sunita Mukhi


“I want to create timeless heirlooms that are going to be passed on from generation to generation”

Conceived in Malta

early age she was exposed to opulent, luxurious fabrics that gave her the drive to want to ‘design’ and ‘create’ beautiful accessories.

Conceptualised in Africa

Whilst living in West Africa, Sunita was exposed to the striking exotic skins, textures, and vibrant colours and prints. It was this exposure that inspired her to start to design her first pieces.

Materialised in India

When she moved to Mumbai she started to put the finishing touches to her first collection. Using exquisite crystals her creations were given the king of ‘Bling’ that was synonymous with her childhood spent gazing at the “wonderful shiny fabrics”.

Launching in London

London was the perfect city for Sunita to launch her collection. Boasting beautiful pieces influenced by the places she has lived and inspired by the women she admired. The collection was applauded for its striking detail and charming character.

The Collection

Women have not had an easy time achieving greatness but, even in the face of daunting odds, they still manage to rise to the top and it is this woman that the collection celebrates.

Made up of five collections - The Iconic, The Event, The Timeless, The Artful and The Hollywood – each piece pays tribute to the strong women of the past, present and future, who have achieved greatness with enviable style and elegance.