H Azeem

Natural Gemstone Jewellery - Finding a piece of the world in the heart

H Azeem

Natural Gemstone Jewellery - Finding a piece of the world in the heart of every woman

About Us

As seen in Vogue and Tatler, H.AZEEM specialises in high quality gemstone jewellery. We use a combination of modern and classic designs, with gemstones that are sourced from all over the world. For the modern woman, completing her unique look with H.AZEEM.

H.AZEEM Inspiration & Beliefs

Our inspiration stems from travelling around the world, seeking exclusive gems for the modern woman. Once we find the perfect gem, we design our structures to enhance its beauty, creating truly unique pieces.

H.AZEEM believes in quality and verstalilty. We understand the modern woman lives an increasingly busy life, so our pieces are designed to impress as both evening and day wear.

About The Designer

Hinna Azeem grew up in London, but spent a number of years travelling around the world. She was always fascinated by jewellery and visited remote gemstone rich parts of Asia, South America and the Far East, seeking out the most beautiful stones.

Hinna has been influenced by different cultures, including living abroad and her career as a city worker in the heart of London. This diversity has led Hinna to create versatile jewellery for the everyday woman. Each piece holds carefully selected gems that represent a part of the world. The deep tones and colours of the gems are classy yet elaborate enough to wear to special occasions.

The Heart – Gems

Women today are seeking alternative ways to experience luxury through affordable, accessible jewellery. This is reflected by the increasing popularity of silver and semi-precious stones, driven by a return to organic, simple, and authentic products.

H.AZEEM understand that there is a gap in the market, as gemstones available globally such as Kashmiri peridot or garnets from Africa are not easily found in the UK jewellery market. We therefore aim to provide quality silver products with unique gemstones rarely found on the high street, so our customers feel they are wearing a piece of the world, natural and precious.

To keep ahead, we consistently innovate in new products based on our best sellers, and in a trickle effect introduce new gems in each collection. With H.AZEEM’s bespoke service and new collections, the majority of our customers have returned to purchase additional gifts or products for themselves.

Classic Couture Collection - Born out of a passion for timeless design, this collection is as smart and sexy as the women that wear it. With stunning and iconic gems, each piece provides understated elegance around the clock.

Rose Quatz Ring
Pear drop rose quartz ring, with a ‘Victorian’air to it - classic yet modern. H.AZEEM sources rose quartz from Brazil.

Maldives Bliss Collection - Inspired by sun, sky and the Indian Ocean, feel the warmth and love of a summer in paradise. Full of colour and shine in each gem, this sparkling collection brightens up every look.

Kashmiri Peridot Set
Kashmiri Peridot in a classic setting showing off the vibrant golden lime green colours of the gemstone.

Mother of Pearls Collection - Like a pearl from the ocean, there exists an enduring beauty that lives within each piece. A collection of smooth and sophisticated design, centred around soft curves and silky pearls.